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BEE8545Pathways to Peace is a transitional sober living home in Palm Beach County, Florida.

We believe that it is our duty to help guide those starting recovery toward a healthy sober path, leading them by our own example as well as a strong living structure built on the foundation of the twelve principles of recovery. They are Honesty, Hope, Faith, Courage, Integrity, Willingness, Humility, Sisterly Love, Justice, Perseverance, Spirituality, and Service.

Our mission at Pathways to Peace is to support each person in securing their individual bridge between life and sobriety.

Our foundation at Pathways to Peace is based on caring, tender love, with the sole purpose of ensuring that you are able to find yourself in this new light of recovery while growing toward the ultimate goal of long-term sobriety.

Pathways to Peace promises to provide a serene environment where each resident is equally important to us, and treated as such. This allows them to lay solid groundwork for a successful recovery process. While we are very proud to help our residents along the way, it is ultimately them who find the courage within themselves to overcome their fears, and this courage will last forever. Pathways to Peace is an ideal place for those in recovery to make lifelong friends while bridging the gap between therapy and independence.

Surrender in our Sanctuary to find the Strength within yourself to live in Serenity

Here at Pathways to Peace, we provide all residents with a caring, structured environment that is proven to manifest independence and courage in each person, securing their own lifelong recovery. The recovery activities at Pathways to Peace include 12-Step meetings, sponsorship and Step work, and one-on-one outside therapy.

Our experience has shown us that the most successful recovery is a balanced recovery, based on four separate yet equally important parts: Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Mental.

It is our belief that is it important to focus on keeping a balanced recovery program to ensure a greater chance of long-lasting sobriety.

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