Searching for Women’s Halfway Houses in Florida?

Although men and women battling dependence share the common denominator of addiction, their needs are drastically different.  Gender-specific housing…

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What Programs are Available to Me While I Stay at a Halfway House

Staying at a halfway house can be a vital step in the recovery process.  Too commonly, recovering individuals complete treatment and are discharged back…

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What is the Difference Between a Drug Treatment Center and a Halfway House?

If you are new to the world of addiction, recovery and treatment, chances are you aren’t familiar with the difference between options available for addicts…

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What are Halfway Houses Like?

Halfway houses, such as Pathways to Peace, provide a safe, structured living…

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Are Sober Living Homes Affordable?

Although sober living is an effective option, those interested often wonder…

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Quality Rehab Living Center in New Jersey

Sober Living Homes For Women

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Well-Known Sober Living Homes for Women in Palm Beach County

Pathways to Peace has multiple locations throughout Palm Beach County, Florida…

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How Much Does it Cost to Stay at a Halfway House?

Recovering individuals and their families and/or loved ones might be surprised to discover how affordable a stay at a halfway house can be.  Halfway houses…

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Sober Living in Rochester

Sober Living

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