Pathways to Peace Provides Access to Intensive Outpatient Programs

BEE8900Lasting recovery is achieved by changing old habits and behaviors which are associated with dependency. These types of changes are not easy to make. However, with support and supervision over time, it is possible.

Recovering from addiction, emotional and/or behavioral issues, or trauma does not happen over night. The process takes time and nurturing in a positive environment.

Intensive Outpatient Programs provide group and family therapy in addition to the following services:

  • Dual Diagnosis – Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment
  • Supervised 12-Step Work
  • Weekly Family Recovery Group – Education and Assistance for Family Members
  • Hypnotherapy and EMDR Therapy – Addresses Trauma Issues and Assists in Recovery
  • Gender-Specific and Christian-Based Recovery Groups
  • Individualized Attention
  • “Client-Centered” Psychotherapy and a Positive Psychology Approach
  • Education in Addiction and Codependency
  • Life Coaching
  • Job Counseling
  • Guidance in resolving legal, personal, employment, and/or relationship problems

With flexible treatment sessions and the individual in mind, Intensive Outpatient Programs provide personalized therapy to meet the needs of each client. Regardless of personal, family or employment commitments, we can provide access to a therapy and treatment schedule that fits your life.

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